17 December 2009


在十月三日当天,我们Damansara Mas Apartment举办了一项中秋晚会。这些是我们当天的照片。

01 December 2009

Attempted Break -In in MAS Apartment 8.00am (1/12/2009)

If you see stranger around, please immediately call the guards to checks.

Let watch each other back and open your wooden door. This will help to reduce the temptation of break-in.

22 October 2008

MAS Customer Portal - Your Online Balance Enquiry & Complain

(Appointed Property Manager for)
(No. Rujukan : PTG.SEL.51/3/1-PHN/1319)
Block B-G-08, Damansara Mas Apartment, Persiaran KIP 2, Taman KIP, Sri Damansara,
52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

Date : 21st October 2008

To : All Owners

Re : Customer Portal

Dear Owners,

In order to keep up with the IT era, we would like to inform that we have created a customer portal website and introduce to all owners. This is to facilitate owners to check on their maintenance account and to give their feedback on opinions/suggestions/complain that need urgent attention. This facility also enables owners to check on the up-grading works that are in progress.

Therefore, in order for owners to gain access to the website, you are required to go to the management office to get your password. Our site staff will be most happy to assist you.

Kindly log on to the URL shown below via internet for account checking and complain lodging.
http : //myupms.no-ip.biz/cps/

Steps to log-in
1- Once the webpage is loaded, kindly select the “Property ID” as “Damansara Mas Apartments”
2- Key in your user ID and password at respective rows.
3- Type in security numbers as shown on next row, then click “log in”.

Owners who have collected their used ID and password are advice to log in and change their temporary password. Your feedback are important to us.

If you encounter problem in logging in to the customer portal, please do not hesitate to call us at 03-6280 4655 for further assistance.

Thank you.


为了顺着与电讯时代并进,我们已为您预备了一个顾客网站供给所有的业主。 这是为了促进所有业主检查他们的物业维修帐户以及给管理层一个反馈在急需要或迫切的关注或是建议与投诉等等。这项设施也促使所有业主检查物业中的进展以及提升的工作。

为了方便与确保您能够登入所属的网站,管理层要求您亲自到管理办公室去取得您的个人的物业密码。 管理执行员将会乐意地协助您。

http : //myupms.no-ip.biz/cps/

1- 一旦网页登入成功,请在(PROPERTY ID)选项设定为“Damansara Mas Apartments”
2- 请在个别的行列内输入您的物业门号和密码。
3- 请在最后的行列内输入所显示的保安密码,然后点击“Login”。

为了确保您的物业密码不被盗用,请在初次的登陆后更改您所要求的新密码以及再次键入您的新和旧的密码做为保安设施,然后点击“Enter”。 您的反馈对管理层非常宝贵。

如果您在登入时遇到任何问题,请联络03-6280 4655为进一步的协助。



01 October 2008

MAS MoonCake Festival 2008

Dear MAS Residents,

The Mooncake Festival 2008 was organise successfully with the contribution of food and drinks by the residents itself as well as the RM500 sponsor by LandServe Management.

We are looking to have more of this party and festivals celebration so the residents and childrens can come together and mingle with each others.